September College Football on ABC-ESPN


September is a fabulous month for school football on ABC and ESPN.


There are a couple of fabulous matchups that will be broadcast on ABC and the ESPN group of organizations.


On Thursday, September second, school football broadcast activity begins on ESPN as Southern Mississippi visits South Carolina. Moreover, on Thursday it’s Minnesota at Center Tennessee on ESPN U and USC at Hawaii on ESPN. Friday it’s Arizona at Toledo on ESPN. Saturday, September fourth, is a significant day for broadcast activity. ESPN has Miami of Ohio at Florida around early afternoon Eastern while ESPN 2 has Western Michigan ufabet เว็บตรง  Michigan State. ESPN U highlights Samford at Florida State. The midday contests have Kentucky at Louisville, UCLA at Kansas State and Connecticut at Michigan on ABC while ESPN has Texas at Rice. At that equivalent time, ESPN U has North Texas at Clemson. The night contests on Saturday have Oregon State against TCU on ESPN, LSU against North Carolina on ABC, Memphis at Mississippi State on ESPN U and the late night game has Cincinnati at Fresno State on ESPN 2. The opposition forges ahead with Sunday with Tulsa at East Carolina on ESPN 2 and SMU at Texas Tech on ESPN. Monday it’s Naval force against Maryland and Boise State against Virginia Tech on ESPN. Golly. Also, that is only the primary week.


On Thursday, September ninth, week 2 in school football begins with Reddish at Mississippi State on ESPN and Focal Michigan at Sanctuary on ESPN U. West Virginia is at Marshall and UTEP is at Houston on ESPN on Friday. Saturday’s rivalries on ESPN or ESPN 2 are San Jose State at Wisconsin, Georgia at South Carolina, Miami of Florida at Ohio State, Penn State at Alabama, Iowa State at Iowa, Florida State at Oklahoma, Oregon at Tennessee, Stanford at UCLA and Mississippi at Tulane.


On Thursday, September sixteenth, week 3 has Cincinnati at NC State on ESPN to start the week. Different rivalries on ESPN and NBC incorporate Arkansas at Georgia, Nebraska at Washington, Alabama at Duke, USC at Minnesota, Kansas at Southern Miss, California at Nevada, Kent at Penn State, Arizona State at Wisconsin, BYU at Florida State, and Clemson at Reddish, Texas at Texas Tech, Notre Lady at Michigan State, Iowa at Arizona and Wake Woodland at Stanford.


Week 4 is highlighted on ESPN and ABC by Miami at Pittsburgh, Oregon State at Boise State, TCU at SMU, UCLA at Texas and Texas A&M at Oklahoma State.

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